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How to Kill Dandelions without Chemicals


You're stuck.  You don't want to use lawn chemicals because you know all about the potential dangers of using lawn chemicals and chemical dandelion killers.  But, at the same time, you want your yard to be "well kept" and don't like to see all the dandelions.  The good news is that now there are natural ways to eliminate dandelions in your lawn without putting your family and pets at risk.  Read on for more info. (There is a New All Natural Way to Kill Dandelions and other Weeds in your Lawn..It's called ADIOS.)

Tip 1: Overseed Your Lawn in the Late Summer

Regular overseeding with a slice seeder keeps your lawn nice and thick so that dandelions have a hard time gettting established.

Tip 2: Mow High

Mowing high starting in the spring, makes it more difficult for dandelions to get established.  It also prevents crabgrass and other weeds.

Tip 3: Spot Seed Bare Spots in your lawn in the Spring

Winter can give your lawn a beating.  When spring hits, get out your garden weasel and spot seed any bare spots you see.  This will help keep dandelions and other weeds from sprouting in your lawn.

Tip 4: Use ADIOS All Natural Dandelion Killer

ADIOS All Natural Dandelion Killer will kill the dandelions and other weeds in your lawn without killing your grass.  ADIOS is a new natural dandelion killer made from baking soda and sodium chloride that kills weeds without killing the grass.  Simply spray the weeds until wet and wait for them to dissapear.  For stubborn weeds, a second treatment 1-2 weeks later will be helpful. 

Dandelion 3 Days After A.D.I.O.S All Natural Weed Killer Applied

ADIOS Dandelion After   Web resized 600

You can purchase ADIOS All Natural Dandelion and Weed Killer from our online store.  We ship it with a powder in the bottle and you simply add hot water, shake it up, and spray.  Be careful not to spray if the grass is stressed from heat or lack of water though as it could turn the grass brown.  The best time to apply ADIOS all natural dandelion killer is in the early spring just as you're starting to see the yellow flowers.  You can also kill dandelions naturally in the fall after the grass has recovered from the summer. ADIOS All Natural Lawn Weed Killer works on a variety of weeds.  We've seen it do pretty well on creeping charlie and clover too (although I'd argue that clover is something you should encourage in your yard and even consider planting microclover).   

Tip 5: Consider the Speedy Weedy Dandelion Puller

There are a lot of weed pullers out there, but the best dandelion weeding tool I've ever found is called the Speedy Weedy and is made in Sweeden from lightweight aluminium and durable plastic.  There is an imitation version made in China that makes a bigger hole than necessary and doesn't seem to do as good a job getting out the roots.  You can learn more about the Speedy Weedy Dandelion Puller and purchase one from our online store.


Tip 6: If Life gives you Dandelions, Make Dandelion Tea

Did you know that Danelions have a number of health benefits?  You'll find dandelion greens in your gourmet salad and can even buy all natural dandelion tea which is a great alternative to Coffee.  Check out our Dandy Blend all natural Dandelion Tea.  Dandy Blend is a healthy subustitute for your morning Cup of Joe.  Have a Cup of Dandelion instead. 



I've been told that vinegar will kill weeds (dandelions is what I'm mostly talking about. I read that apple cider vinegar has 5-6% acidity & white vinegar only 4%, so I would think it would be better. Also, does your ADIOS dandelion killer have any negative effects on the soil, or also vinegar? We have a field full of dandelions, not just a few here and there. Thank you!
Posted @ Sunday, May 04, 2014 3:00 PM by Jane Fliesbach
Jane - Thanks for Posting. Vinegar can be used for killing weeds AND grass. It doesn't necessarily kill the roots like a chemical so it needs to be applied regularly. I've also found that a product like burnout ( is a little more concentrated and works better than plain vinegar. You can also find more concentrated vinegar by looking for Horticultural Vinegar. Hope that helps. As for killing weeds in the grass, Adios does contain salt which is not ideal to apply as a heavy repeated treatment to lawns, but used as a spot treatment in normal doses I don't see it being an issue. Thanks!
Posted @ Tuesday, May 06, 2014 9:59 PM by Alec McClennan
Chemicals are harmful and dangerous for plants. It is effective for up to some extent; beyond that it has negative impact. In such situation we can use organic fertilizer and these are not harmful for plants. All farmers and gardeners like to use these. It is very effective to increase the growth as well as productivity.
Posted @ Tuesday, August 19, 2014 12:42 AM by Steven
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